Tips to Clean The Frosted Car Glass

Tips to Clean The Frosted Car Glass

Car glass is one of the important components in a car. Surely the condition of the glass is necessary to note, if your car glass is scratched, blurry, moldy, and others will certainly disrupt your outlook. In addition, the condition of bad glass would be a very disturbing appearance of your car. Well below here are some ways how to make your car glass in various conditions, the following explanation. 

Blurred Car Glass

Your car glass must have experienced blurred and blurred conditions. This happens that there is dust attached to the glass and can not disappear even though you have swept it with a wiper. 

In addition, rainwater droplets become one of the reasons why the car winds can be blurred and blurred. Surely this condition will be very disturbing, especially if it happens on the windshield of your car that can disrupt the outlook. Well here are the steps to clean the blurry car glass because of rainwater:

You can do a glass cleaner while traveling or on a trip and it rains suddenly. Position your car in the shade so as not to get wet when it will receive the windshield.

Prepare ingredients like toothpaste, why? This is because toothpaste can wipe the dust off the glass. The ingredients in the toothpaste of the abrasive teeth so that the crust can be made and the impurities attached to the glass are swept clean. 

Perform cleaning when it will run in the rain, or occasionally was walking suddenly rain down, then wait a minute in the shade so as not to wet when cleaned the windshield.

Dampen your windshield with clean water then place a few bottles of toothpaste on the glass of your car. 

Rub gently with a clean cloth. Use a little and rub evenly on the frosted glass part of the car.
After the car glass starts clean, you can do the watering whit use clean water.

Clean all the remains of toothpaste that is still attached to the glass.
Then wipe dry with a soft clean cloth.

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