Tips on Caring for Car Rearview Mirrors

Tips on Caring for Car Rearview Mirrors

Spion as a tool to help us see the conditions behind our vehicle sometimes neglected treatment. Be careful lot, especially when the rainy season arrives, the rearview mirror will be quickly blurred when hit by rain water. Below we try to give some tips how to care for your car's rearview mirror.

How to Clean Water Spots

When exposed to water, especially those that contain acid like rain water, will cause stripes and whitish white spots. The best way to clean the spots is to mix the vinegar and water with a 2: 1 ratio. Vinegar is a safe acid for the rearview mirror, so do not worry about it.

How to Clean Mud

The remains of mud from the splashes on the road greatly disturb the view from the car's rearview mirror. Although the very rare occurrence of this but do not be taken lightly.

To remove the old and dry mud, clean it in a special way. Take water and mix with a special soap/shampoo car. Flush into the mirror and let stand for a moment, repeat once more. After the second time, pour clean water with a small pressure. Once clean, rub gently with the remaining shampoo mixture.

Cleaning Rust in the Rearview

The rust inside the rearview mirrors the rearview mirror and is troublesome in motion and setting. How to clean the rust is as follows. Open the rearview and wipe with a small brush. If it can not and it is difficult to clean it, just rub it with fine sandpaper. Once clean, wipe with a soft cloth until the rust is gone. After that plug back the electric mirror.

All of these things are very hard if we are lazy to do it. So do not be lazy to clean it up. Because if not quickly cleaned, then you will spend extra money on the salon car.

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