Basic Car Care Tips

As with any mechanical item, it is important that you take care of it in order to optimise its lifespan and preserve its value. Here got a few tips-off to help you on your way.

Regular servicing

Make sure your car is serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturer's schedule.

Oil change

Over time the petroleum in the engine degenerates. The petroleum shields the engine which is the most valuable part of the car, and therefore the most expensive component to replace.

Oil flush

Over time even regular servicing can't remove the build-up of gunk in the engine. It is advisable at the time of servicing to have an petroleum flush every few years. This helps to maintain the efficient functioning of the engine and may contribute to fuel economy. Just ask your local centre for details.

Tyre pressure and alignment

one of the biggest influencing factors of fuel economy is the condition of your tyres.

Cambelt replacement

Typically this should be replaced every 60,000 to 80,000 miles however you should ever check for the specific details relating to your car with the vehicle manufacturer. Failing to supplant your cambelt at the appropriate intervals can destroy your engine!

Keep it clean

Chips and road salt can erode the paint and leave metal disclosed which are likely are beginning to rust.

Keep your windscreen clear and microchip free

Windscreen wipers are made of rubber which will eventually perish. Without them your view of the road can be impaired. All windscreen chips should be treated straight away before they turn into a cracked windscreen which are necessary replacing.

Checks to carry out on your car before a long journey

Before a long car journey it is always advisable to check the following :P TAGEND Tyre pressure and tread including the spare tyre Oil level and if appropriate, water level Windscreen cleanse Your breakdown covering That you are carrying the remedy security equipment and documents, especially if you are planning on driving your car in Europe

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