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Can Exhaust Tip Make Car Louder? Several Factors that could affect the Car Sound

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Some people asked “Can exhaust tip make car louder?” Basically, there are three ways to improve the car sound. Those ways are replacing muffler, replacing rubber mount on the exhaust pipe, and adding exhaust tip. It means the answer is yes, exhaust tip can improve the car sound. Actually, the main parts that affected exhaust sound are not only exhaust tip or muffler, but there are also resonators, catalytic converter and pipe diameter. However, exhaust tip are affected by several factors. Without further delay, here are factors that you should consider if you make your car louder with exhaust tip. Have a look.

Tip size

Diameter size of exhaust tip can affect how louder your car would be. Small diameter pipe tip will delay the exhaust stream and put a limit on engine, so that it will lower the sound. The opponent case with that is larger diameter pipe. You’ll hear the sound difference on larger diameter tip if only you used restriction tip before changing the exhaust tip.

Tip design

Down-turned tip will make the exhaust sound much deeper. Down-turned tip will bounce the sound to the ground using undercarriage parts, and the ground will absorb the bounced sound especially the high note sound. Tunable tip has disc-shaped things that inserted to exhaust pipe. These disc-shaped things can be removed and inserted to determine the exhaust sound. If you want louder sound, you can remove the disc-shaped thing, and vice versa. Why the disc-shaped things can determine the sound is because it is able to alter wavelength characteristics of the exhaust sound. However, tunable tip’s price is so expensive. You should spend amount of money up to ten time fold of average tip to buy this tunable tip.


Exhaust sound can drastically change at the time you lengthen the pipe. The more you lengthen the pipe, the deeper sound will you get on exhaust sound. The reason why this could happen is because the long pipe will prevent high frequency waves to escape, but the opponent action for low frequency waves.


Before you settle on installing exhaust tip, try to rotate the tip to find better sound. The screws on round exhaust pipe usually are easy to loosen up. Rotate the tip downward, upward, outward, and inward. Then walk around the car to check the sound one by one since each position have different exhaust notes. Outward turned tip will sound louder if you hear it from the sides of the car. Inward turned tip will sound louder if you hear it near rear bumper. Turn the tip with 45 degree angle to the ground to catch the volume difference of exhaust sound.


Whether you choose chrome, stainless steel or aluminum, it doesn’t matter since the exhaust pipe made of metal doesn’t have significance difference in sound volume. But stainless steel has lower risk of corrosion than the other metals. However, stainless steel’s cost is more expensive than other metal material. That concludes our article to answer the question “can exhaust tip make car louder?”

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